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15/08/2010 23:46

1,335 m AMSL
Trail: black
Walking time: 3 hours
Date of your first trip:…
This was the first trail I ever hiked.

Despite bad memories of a thunderstorm that frightened me on the final stretch, I have returned several times and I will probably go back several times more. It is a universal trail, since it requires neither experience nor special preparation. I have seen ladies in high heels and frilly dresses walking it (not recommend). You can cover it by fits and starts.

The Ścieżka nad Reglami path begins at Kalatówki glade and ends in the Chochołowska Valley. The highest point of the path is Grzbiet na Patykach Ridge at 1,335 m AMSL and its overall length is about 17 km. I will describe only a portion (from the Białego Valley to Kalatówki glade) of the prettiest part of the path here. The hike encompasses three hours of walking in beautiful scenery.
The Białego Valley can be reached from the Krokiew ski jump in 15 minutes. The trail is very picturesque and varied, with numerous footbridges over the meandering Biały Potok stream to cross. After an hour of walking you reach a glade where you can take a rest by the sound of a waterfall, take some nice photos and gather your strength. Beyond the waterfall the path is steep but smooth; only in some places do you have to scramble over large tree roots. After a 20-minute walk through the forest you reach a fork in the path where you turn left onto the black trail. From here the going is a bit harder for 15 minutes. You climb steep stone steps and then enjoy a relaxing flat section that crosses footbridges hanging above the forest with wonderful views of Zakopane. This stage provides a rest before the next stretch, which includes a long ascent. The forest is thinning out at this altitude and there is more grass around. The path is easy, but uphill. You reach the flat and beautiful Grzbiet na Patykach Ridge about two and a half hours after entering the Białego Valley. Mount Giewont, Mount Kasprowy Wierch, Mount Myślenickie Turnie and the peaks of the High Tatras are spread out before you. This view rewards the effort of getting here a hundred times over. The descent to Kuźnice takes an hour on a gentle path running through a beautiful forest. Views of Kalatówki open up from time to time. All in all, what else I can say: this walk is a memorable one.



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